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Main Street USA - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln ♫ Download

Adventureland - The Liki Tikis ♫ Download


disney is so magical 

(especially when it rains)

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Frontierland - Splash Mountain Area Music (When Johnny Comes Marching Home) ♫ Download



Look at these incredible Disney shoes! They have really beautiful costumes and accessories as well that I will post later.

by Bbeauty Designs. 

Las de Sofía <3 xDD

Critter Country - Country Bear Jamboree (Tears Will Be The Chaser For Your Wine) ♫ Download

Epcot - American Adventure Pavilion Area Music (U.S.A. Pavilion Page Audio) ♫ Download



A dream is a wish your heart makes. ❤️

I just made an inhuman noise

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Fantasyland - Fantasyland Woodwind Society ♫ Download


Here’s a little animation I tossed together to celebrate the Matterhorn Bobsleds’ 55th birthday!

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Epcot - American Adventure (In The Days of ‘76) ♫ Download

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Tarzan - You’ll Be In My Heart ♫ Download